Oscar Drama & Jada Pinkett vs. 1st Aunt ViV

The Oscars is fast approaching and already it getting started on a bad rap, being boycotted by black actors and directors, leading the charge is Will and Jada Smith with claims of the Oscars whitewashing the nominations and snubbing a lot of black directors movies.  Jada Pinkett Smith had this say on Facebook.com


She explained how as Black actors, actress, and directors need to realize their power and stop begging for accepting  from Hollywood and start pooling our own resources together and start own award show and support their own movies. Which is all good it was nice to hear that not all African Americans in Hollywood has sold out, BUT, Janet Hubert, who played the first Aunt Viv, posted a video on Martin Luther King Jr. Day addressing the Jada Pinkett Smith



Basically she was saying “there are more important things in the world than worrying about an Oscars snub like young black boys being shot by police, she also took shots at Will Smith saying “Why your wife have to speak for you and his horrible accent in the movie Concussion and how when she came to Will about them standing  together on the show The Fresh Prince and going to NBC to ask for a rise he responded by saying “My deal is my deal, I don’t know about y’all’s.” She also attacked the couple’s production company which she said they only produce movies for their family and inner circle.

Both  sides have points that needed to be addressed, but sadly both sides don’t see eye to eye, we really need to unite in all aspects of African American life, this is what the real dream of Martin Luther King Jr. was all about, I hope both sides can work things out. Tune in this Thursday to “The New New Show” at 9pm est on New Jacks for more on this story.


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