One person dead and 26 injured after an explosion in Paramos

One person dead and 26 injured after an explosion in Paramos

A plume of smoke could be seen for miles above Paramos

A woman has died and at least 26 people have been injured in an explosion at an illegal fireworks depot in Spain. 

Explosions rocked the small town of Paramos where ten houses have been destroyed shooting a giant plume of smoke into the air on Wednesday.

Seven children are among the casualties after the blasts at around 4.25pm. 

A house, being used to store fireworks, was destroyed, as well as neighbouring homes in the town around three miles from Baldrans.

Conflicting reports are still emerging from the area where a further three fatalities are yet to be confirmed.

Earlier reports four people may have beenkilled appeared to be ruled out by officials but Spanish media reports have said otherwise. 

The regional Xunta de Galicia government confirmed last night police were looking for more people among the rubble of houses that had been destroyed. 

Fire crews have been attempting to secure the area of an illegal fireworks blast which destroyed ten homes

At least ten homes were destroyed in the explosion in Paramos, Spain, late on Wednesday after reports fireworks caused huge explosions when they were transported to a home

Investigators are on scene where one woman was killed and 26 were injured, including seveen children on Wedesday

Alberto Nunez Feijoo said: ‘The great uncertainty at the moment is whether there are more victims.’

The owner of the fireworks company has been arrested and taken into police custody.

 His ‘illegal’ factory had been closed by a court order and the Spaniard had reportedly ordered the moving of stock from the warehouse to a private home when the blast went off.

Alfonso Rueda, vice-president of the regional Xunta de Galicia government, said no-one was missing and said none of those hurt had suffered life-threatening injuries.

Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy, a native Galician who grew up in the province of Pontevedra where the explosion took place, said his government was ready to offer any help the regional government needed. 

Officials have confirmed there are no missing people. One person has died and at least 26 others were injured in the blast 

Emergency services are on scene attempting to establish how the blast went off on Wednesday evening

Firefighters were scrambled to the blaze as the home and nine others around it were reduced to rubble in the blast

One local told local paper La Voz de Galicia: ‘I was sitting in the living room and the first explo

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