NTV’s Kobi Kihara Blasts American Hip Hop Mogul Jay Z | Ghafla!Kenya

 International beef! AM Live host, Kobi Kihara, was infuriated by Jay Z’s action and she decided to take a dig at him.

While some celebrities are busy forging dissension with their colleagues within the 254, Kobi Kihara has crossed the border to wage a war with America’s hip hop legend.

She has joined the league of the likes of Jaguar and Mwafreeka who also had a strife with Nigeria’s Iyanya and Ice Prince respectively.

The genesis of Kobi’s beef with Jay Z is rather amusing. The NTV host couldn’t digest Jay Z’s constant swank. She was irritated by how the rapper goes around bragging how he is cashing in from his brand, Tidel.

Kobi wants Jay to make good use of his global influence instead of blowing his own horn, she says the world simply doesn’t care. She even suggested ways in which Beyonce’s husband could be of benefit to the world.

Have to admit Kobi has a point, but will Jay Z listen? No! That’s an overstatement, I think the right question ought to be; does Jay Z even know someone by the name Kobi Kihara exist?

Then again dreams are valid, maybe Kobi’s message may somehow reach Jay. You never know!

Dear Jay-Z and Friend’s….stop tweeting about Tidal every 5mins and how much money you’re raking in. News just in~ The world does not care. How about you and your very influential buddies start to make some constructive noise about real issues and challenges affecting human beings globally….for example police brutality and black profiling in the US, how about Tidal/Coachella give part of their proceeds to organisations that help those who need it most? Like currently in Nepal? You have global influence and a global fan base…use it for more than just making you and Mrs. Carter even more richer than you aleady are. Lovely Day.

Source: NTV’s Kobi Kihara Blasts American Hip Hop Mogul Jay Z | Ghafla!Kenya

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