New Jack Of The Month For June 2017 ES

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Hailing from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada comes a “RAW AND UN GMO” hip hop soulful rapper by the name of ES. When I first heard ES rap was back in 2013 when he sent he his song “KING” AND “KEEP IT MOVING” to a station I was working at the time. Then I heard him again when he sent his music video “ASPIRE TO INSPIRE” I was blown away with his lyrical ability and the way he flipped his words was reminiscence of  the hip hop I grow up on, but with a up to date vibe. One of my favorite song he was featured on is “DENZEALOTS“.  He just dropped a new album called “We Are Only Getting Older” which you can purchase on The future for this guy is limitless, while everybody else is going Left he’s going Right, AND THAT WHY WE CHOSE ES TO BE NEW JACK OF THE MONTH FOR JUNE 2017.

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