New Girl: Jake Johnson reflects on Nick and Jess — and Nick and Schmidt

New Girl: Jake Johnson reflects on Nick and Jess — and Nick and Schmidt

Nick (Jake Johnson) and Jess (Zooey Deschanel) may have been New Girl’s central romance, but their wedding preceded a big moment for another love story: the one between Nick and Schmidt (Max Greenfield). At least, Johnson has always seen the friendship that way.

Below, the actor reflects on the series finale of New Girl and saying goodbye to the ensemble.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Going into this final season, what was on your bucket list? I hope Tran (Ralph Ahn) was on there.
 I was really excited to see Tran. I personally wanted to really finalize and cement that relationship. I wanted to do some more bits with the Schmidt stuff, I wanted to end that story line with the guys, and then I was really hoping to see as many guest stars as possible. Because one of the true secret successes of New Girl was the amount of talented people who populated that show. Having them all come back was really a blast.

Is there anybody who you guys didn’t get back but wish you did?
Yes, Justin Long. I thought season 1, when he came on early [as] Genzlinger, I thought it was so funny and really created a tone for our show that we copied. So I give him a lot of credit for New Girl, actually. He felt like our first big guest and was so funny. I hope to see him again on a job soon.

Tell me about filming that Nick and Schmidt scene, when Nick finally confesses that h

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