MTV’s ‘Catfish’ S4 E14 RECAP: Rapper R. Prophet Gets Catfished (VIDEO)

On season four, episode 14 of MTV’s “Catfish,” hip-hop artist R. Prophet of the rap group Nappy Roots fell for a beautiful girl named Trinity that he met on social media. He was ready to settle down with her, but investigators Nev Schulman and Max Joseph uncovered the truth behind the girl that seemed too good to be true.

Prophet was working on his comeback when his team stressed the importance of social media in his hip-hop career. Prophet took their advice and started profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. He interacted with fans on the sites to increase his social presence, but it was the gorgeous Trinity that caught his eye.

“She’s one of the baddest on social networks,” he told Schulman and Joseph. He was so smitten with her that couldn’t see the warning signs, like the fact that she lived in the same area and had been communicating with him every day for months, but they had yet to meet in person. Schulman and Joseph were skeptical from the start.

“You can’t trust anybody on the Internet,” Schulman said. “I hate to say this but my gut is, it’s a catfish.”

But Prophet still thought Trinity could be the one, and he said she’s supported him through everything, from his music to his legal issues stemming from a recent police brutality case.

Schulman and Joseph got to work to verify if Trinity was real. The first photo image search they conducted pulled up a match for model Jasmine Sanders, an ex-girlfriend of singer Chris Brown. A video chat with Sanders confirmed she was not the girl behind the Trinity profile.

They searched Trinity’s phone number next and it traced back to a woman named Crystal who lived in a town close by. After some persuasion from Schulman, Crystal agreed to meet Prophet for the first time.

When Crystal arrived at the meeting place in a nearby park, Prophet was visibly upset that she was not the person he thought she was and didn’t hide his anger.

“You can be anybody on the Internet,” he said.

Crystal explained that she created the fake Trinity page to spy on her ex-boyfriend whom she suspected was cheating. While she used the page to keep tabs on him, she said she received a message from Prophet. Their relationship bloomed and she developed romantic feelings for him. But Prophet couldn’t get over the fact that Crystal was not the woman he thought she was.

“This is probably the most embarrassed I’ve probably ever been in my life,” Prophet told her. “You seem to be a person that has a lot to offer someone, but obviously it’s not me.”

See a clip from the episode below.

Source: MTV’s ‘Catfish’ S4 E14 RECAP: Rapper R. Prophet Gets Catfished (VIDEO)

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