Mnuchin defends his wife as Louise Linton apologizes again

Mnuchin defends his wife as Louise Linton apologizes again

In a new profile in Elle, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s wife Louise Linton continued her apology tour, while the Trump cabinet member said his wife is just ‘misunderstood.’

‘She has a huge heart, is sensitive deeply compassionate, and kind. She has humility and gentleness. She’s also funny and makes people laugh,’ Mnuchin said. ‘She loves gadgets and has a bird feeder in the backyard. She reads John Stuart Mill and writes notes in the margins of her books.’ 

He ended the list by saying that Linton, who he married in June, is ‘incredibly warn and loving.’  

However, Linton’s antics on Instagram – along with the gloved photo of she and the treasury secretary holding up brand new cash – have led to comparisons to Darth Vader, Marie Antoinette, Cruella de Vil, or a new Bond villain.

The Scottish actress turned political wife pointed to this transition when explaining how things went wrong. 

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Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin (left) defended his wife, actress Louise Linton (right), calling her funny, warm, loving and noting that she likes to read John Stuart Mill and has a birdfeeder in the backyard 

Louise Linton (left) explained that this much-memed moment happened because she was cold, and thus kept on her gloves, while also attempting to be more fashionable, like Jackie O 

Louise Linton looked to fellow actresses when following how to act, with many of them tagging designer brands. She did the same thing, which caused an Instagram user to call her out. Linton’s reaction to the negative comment went viral 

Louise Linton was angered that the commenter called her a ‘deplorable’ and lashed out, making the suggestion that she and Mnuchin, who are immensely wealthy, ‘sacrifice’ more to the country than the woman in question 

‘I wasn’t thinking about who I am,’ Linton said. ‘I wasn’t thinking, I am the wife of this person and thus I should act like the wife of this person.’ 

Linton had turned to pop culture in order to figure out how to behave. 

‘I was tagging things [on Instagram] because I thought I had seen other actresses doing that, and I was like, I should do that, too. I s

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