‘Marvel’s Runaways’ finally… run away!

‘Marvel’s Runaways’ finally… run away!

Warning: This story contains major spoilers from the season finale of Marvel’s Runaways. Read at your own risk!

Marvel’s Runaways finally fulfilled its comic book destiny.

After the epic showdown with Pride resulted in Karolina (Virginia Gardner) being taken by Jonah (Julian McMahon), the Runaways infiltrated Gibborim to set her free. Pressure also mounted for Pride, with most turning against Jonah, especially as they learned that whatever is inside the hole is actually alive. But they remain divided themselves after Leslie (Annie Wersching) admits to knowing all along that Jonah killed Amy.

Ultimately, the kids are forced to go on the run from their parents when they end up on the news as wanted fugitives, accused of kidnapping Molly (Allegra Acosta) and framed for killing Destiny. It’s literally the moment from which the show — and the 2003 comics on which it’s based — gets its name: The kids are now officially Runaways.

EW turned to executive producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage about reaching this iconic moment and what’s ahead for season 2 (Hulu announced the second season renewal earlier this week):

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Though the Runaways are now officially Runaways, there’s still much about Jonah’s plans that we didn’t get answers to. Why did you guys decide to leave so much on the table?
JOSH SCHWARTZ: Well, you want to leave your end of season 1 as enticing as possible to maybe help motivate a second season, but we thought we were answering quite a lot of the questions that we started posing at the beginning of the season, and certainly brought a lot of the big relationship threads to some kind of cathartic moment, and everybody wants to know when they run and we answered that question! We felt like there was a lot we were answering, but we also wanted to make sure there was a lot of fun questions. This comic book, what helped make its name was Brian K. Vaughan’s ability to deliver cliffhangers that keep you coming back for each issue and we wanted to do the same in our finale.

Was it written up on the board in the writers’ room: “Finally run away”?
STEPHANIE SAVAGE: It didn’t say “finally,” but yes.
SCHWARTZ: We wanted to tell all the stories we can with these kids living under these roofs. When we made the decision that they were going to run, we knew we were saying goodbye to a version of the show. Next season is going to be an exciting new paradigm and new show for us to tackle.

Even though they’ve run away, will you still have dual storytelling between the kids and the adults next season?
SCHWARTZ: We haven’t figured out all of that, but surely the kids’ world is going to be expanding next year as they’re out on their own in new environments, but we still plan on keeping the Pride very much part of the show.

Can you talk about where next season could pick up?
SAVAGE: I’ve started working on my Pinterest board and it includes some images from your favorite movies of kids living by themselves, whether it’s Kids or The Outsiders.
SCHWARTZ: Rebel Without a Cause.
SAVAGE: The hostel [the Runaways hide in] is obviously a huge part of the comic and that’s something we’re really looking forward to bringing to life. There’s still some design questions that will need to be thought of and figured out, but it’ll be really interesting. The show will feel very different next year. We’ll see exactly what form the structure takes, but they’re definitely going to have hideout next year.

If this season was really about building up toward these kids facing their parents, what would season 2 explore? How much will being on their own put even more pressure on them?
SCHWARTZ: These are some spoiled kids who will be living on the streets now, so that will be interesting in itself. Our tagline for season 2 is: Every kid turns into their parents.

Pride has made the Runaways wanted criminals, but they basically all have the same goal now to take down Jonah. Why not work together?
SCHWARTZ: What’s starting to come together at the end of the season is this new alliance of Pride vs. Jonah. The Wilders are outsiders right now and don’t really trust anybody, so they’re this third faction. Then, you have Jonah aligning with Frank Dean, who is either newly woke or newly evil, it’s hard to say, and whatever the next version of Victor Stein is going to be when he gets out of that box.

Jonah got a text message that said “Mission complete.” Could that be Jonah’s mole or was that just Frank? Is that a set up for next season?
SCHWARTZ: You’ll have to watch and see.
SAVAGE: Yes, to be continued.

There’s something big and alive at the bottom of that hole. Could you actually be adapting the comic books and the Gibborim giants are down there?
SCHWARTZ: What’s at the bottom of that hole is going to be a lot of answers about Jonah and where he comes from, and K

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