Man acquitted of killing Jill Dando was told ‘watch your back’

Man acquitted of killing Jill Dando was told ‘watch your back’

The murder of Jill Dando (pictured) remains unsolved almost 20 years on

Barry George has revealed how he is still looking over his shoulder 20 years after being acquitted of the murder of BBC star Jill Dando.

Just weeks after his acquittal he had a gun pressed to the back of his head and was told to ‘watch your back’.

Speaking of how he still fears he will be attacked, George said he believes the threat came from someone connected to the Crimewatch presenter.

Speaking to the Mirror, Barry, 58, said that despite his conviction being overturned 10 years ago he does ‘not feel free’ and is ‘looking over my shoulder’.

After being found guilty in 2001, Barry was cleared at a retrial in 2008.

He had moved to Hackney, east London, and it was there that the threat was made a year after he was freed.

Barry says: ‘When I was in emergency accommodation in Hackney, I was stood in a long hallway and I had a gun put to my head and was told ‘Watch your back’.

‘I went to the police station and told them and they gave me lip service. I was living in fear.

‘There were two things in my mind: I’ve been acquitted of this crime and then I get a gun to my head.’

The Met police confirmed that a man in his 40s had reported such an incident in Hackney during 2009.

However, they were unable to give full details of the probe.

David Wells, a criminal defence specialist from Wells Burcombe Solicitors, was at the police station when Barry reported the sinister threat.

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