Luka Doncic Has His Superstar Life Planned Out

Luka Doncic Has His Superstar Life Planned Out

Luka Doncic has his superstar life planned out (and swagged out). Check it out.

Doncic was 16 when he made his professional debut for Real Madrid, becoming the youngest player in club history to play in the Liga ACB and the EuroLeague. Last summer, he helped lead Slovenia to its first EuroBasket championship. Last month, he led Real Madrid to the EuroLeague title and took home the MVP award as added validation.

For Doncic, the trophy presentations and raucous parades are practically routine. Fame is a given. He’s happily embracing the spoils.

On any given day, you might catch Doncic driving around Madrid in his blue Porsche Panamera or his red Audi A7, to the pulsing reggaeton beat of Nicky Jam. In Spain, his popularity is soaring. At home in Slovenia, he’s quickly becoming a folk hero. He’s been called the best European basketball prospect ever. He’s already leading a semi-charmed kind of life.

So who are we to doubt that Doncic might soon be raising a championship banner in Phoenix? Or Sacramento? Or Atlanta? That his sports car collection might soon swell to six or eight or 20? That he’ll have his own signature shoe, the WonderBoy 1s? Or that he’ll land his dream date with recently divorced Ms. Aniston?

“I hear she’s single now,” Doncic says.

Spend a little time around Doncic, and it becomes apparent that no NBA dream is too big, no fantasy too outlandish to entertain. During a recent two-hour interview and green-screen video shoot with B/R Mag in Madrid, Doncic shared his vision of the next five years, cheerfully—and sometime

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