Lil Scrappy Calls Beck A Idiot And Talks About The Grammys

Atlanta rapper Lil Scrappy blasts music artist Beck and talks about the Grammys for snubbing black music artists in a interview with DJ Smallz Eyez. Scrappy said he believes that the Grammys award to performers that are only popular across demographics. Over the years, the Grammys have been known for not showing appreciation to hip-hop and r&b artists. Here’s how Lil Scrappy feels.

“I’m not prejudice at all, but it’s crazy how – it’s like they make us prejudice,” said Scrappy. “They make us prejudice with their moves that they make. And when I say ‘they,’ I mean the White people that’s in charge.”

He went on to explain why Beyonce should’ve won for Album Of The Year instead of Beck.

“Everybody knows Beyoncé. Beyoncé just came off a world tour. This idiot never did a world tour, and if he had we didn’t know it,” Scrappy stated. “Black people know, white people know about Beyoncé. Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, everybody knows about Beyoncé. This a**hole, f**king idiot – I call him an idiot cause I would have gave it to Beyoncé like, ‘Look I enjoy my music, but I’m gonna give this to her.’”

Here is the Lil Scrappy interview

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