Lil Bibby Says Police Deserve More Respect.

Chicago rapper Lil Bibby had an interview on Vlad TV where he ask about body cam and how will it approve police relation with young African American public. Lil Bibby had this to say “I think if you know how to speak to an officer, they’ll cut you a little slack or at least they’ll respect you a little bit more,” continued Bibby. “The officers, they be broke as f—k, man, they ain’t really get paid no money. We walking around with big-a– knots in our pockets, officers be pissed off about that. They get paid close to minimum wage and they gotta drive around in a hot-a– car…they got these s—y jobs, they don’t get to f—k none of the bad b—-es, man. They be hating, man, so just show them a little respect.”
He also talked about his run in with the law and how it went down he claims a cop threatened him. ”I’m just gon’ tell the judge I was in fear for my life. I can’t wait to kill one of y’all,” the cop said, according to Bibby.

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