Lamar Odom Condition Take A Turn For The Worst.

As Lamar Odom condition take a turn for the worst there are many unanswered and unasked questions.

Two days ago Lamar Odom was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel owned by Denis Hof. When the first reports came out “Odom was found unconscious for about an hour and had liquid coming out his nose and mouth”. According to Denis Hof when Odom arrived at the brothel Lamar said “he had no drugs on him but did admit to doing coke earlier in Las Vegas” Hof stated in the an interview on the Wendy Williams show here

Hof also stated that Odom paid $75000 for a five day stay at the brothel with two other women who worked at the brothel, he said “Lamar always a big spender ate brothel.”

In other reports Lamar Odom entourage and family believe the brothel owner overcharged Odom and stole his cash according to report on

Lamar Odom‘s people and his family believe the brothel where he stayed grossly overcharged him and pilfered his cash.

As we reported, the Love Ranch charged Lamar $75,000 for his 3-day stay and charged it to his credit card. We’re told one of Lamar’s business people and someone from the Kardashian camp asked Ranch owner Dennis Hof for a full accounting, suspecting they fleeced him.

Ranch owner Dennis Hof tells TMZ, Lamar paid for 2 women to be with him 24/7, and it adds up.

Lamar’s people and the Kardashians are also suspicious because Lamar’s personal effects were returned to his bodyguard with no cash … not a single dollar. We’re told the bodyguard thinks money was taken from the backpack, because he says Lamar always carried large sums of cash.

Hof insists nothing was taken from Lamar’s personal belongings”

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Lamar Odom drug past plagued him through out his Nba career, suspensions , news conferences where he weep and apologized to everyone, rehab, and psychological. But like I said in the beginng of this article there are more unanswered question and unasked questioned . Like: Did the ladies that was in the room with Odom have any drugs on them? What was really in the herbal Viagra? Was this the first time Lamar every took this drug? What happen to the money that was in Odom bag? As more reports come to light we here at will keep you posted, we wish Lamar Odom a peaceful and safe recovery.

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