Judge Orders Dash To Stop Smoking Weed Durning Kids Visits

Few of you may know that Dame Dash and former wife Rachel Roy are in a heated custody battle over their two kids, but it looks like it’s about to turn into an all out war. Recently Dash and Roy had a court hearing in which Dash wanted a judge to end monitored visits with his children and allow overnight stays. Roy made sure that didn’t happen, she brought to the judge’s attention that Dash smokes weed in front of her children and at one time one of the children ate Damon’s marijuana-laced cake and rice krispies. After hearing this the judge threw Dame’s monition for unsupervised visits out, he even ordered Damon to be weed-free for 24 hours before each visit. Dame was pissed and according to TMZ, Dash lost it on the judge and his attorney had to drag him out of court.

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