Is This Missy New Wife?

It been rumored that rapper Missy Elliott is secretly married to her recording artist Sharaya J. Well look like those rumors were true, the two was spotted in L.A. at the Louis Vuitton store on an expenses shopping spree.Missy Elliot

Even though Missy has  never publicly confirmed her sexuality or relationship status, many sources has stated that Missy and Sharaya has been dating for five years. But this isn’t the first rumors of Missy escapades with the ladies, rapper 50 Cent has said “the reason singer Olivia Longott was booted from his label was because he found out he and Missy were smashing. “Nah, I didn’t have no problem with her [Olivia] bringing Missy to the studio, but Missy started hitting it.” 50 Cent Olivia

Industry rumors mills also turned saying “Missy talks bad about men. but she’s just like a man breaking girl’s hearts. Here’s a list of the names of chic’s who I know Missy smashed: Trina, Ciara, Nicole Wray, Nelly Furtado, Gina Thompson, Mocha and the girls from the group 702.”Grammy

Elliott allegedly replied, “No I did not! Do not believe the lies. Ppl who have nothing better to do but talk and tell lied are #GossipFolks! Do something more productive. Get a life!” 

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