Is Hip Hop the Blame???

video below


Hip hop has been around for 30 plus years now and ever since it arrived on the scene back in 1979 with the hip hop classic “Rappers Delight” it’s been getting a bad rap. In the 80’s it was blamed for promoting the graffiti and gang culture of the inner cities. In the 90’s it was blamed for promoting disrespect toward women and drugs use in teens. Even in the era of today’s Hip hop the blame game continues in the video I post this guy is talking about how the today’s rappers are hurting the African American community. Me from my on the opinion hip hop is a reflection of what the artists see in his or her community, the reflection not always so great but it is an interpretation. Every genre of music has it interpretation of its art form that some people might look down on, but at the end of the day we all have a choice. A choice to support it or not, there many artists that have music with that uplift the community, but does not get the same support as the “major” artists. So at the end of the day instead of blaming the hip hop for setting a negative image blame yourself for buying into the image.

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