Hopsin has Hoped Ship

Cail rapper Hopsin announce back in January he wanted out of his label Funk Volume due to disagreements with label co-founder Damien Ritter. He is now out from under his old label and created his own called “Undercover Prodigy” he has also released a video of about all the mishaps that he was going through with Funk Volume and Damien Ritter.

Hopsin was quoted saying

It feels great,” Hop told HipHopDX of putting out the video, adding that he’s now signed to his own Undercover Prodigy label. “Been waiting to get it off my chest for two months now. I didn’t want to resort to that, but the way things are going with the whole Funk Volume situation, it’s kinda rubbing me the wrong way, so I had to be vocal about it. That’s since I was a child, that’s been my way of venting so I just had to do what I do best and be vocal.

“It was boiling for about I guess like a month and a half, two months prior to the actual breakup.”

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