Homeland finale recap: ‘Paean to the People’

Homeland finale recap: ‘Paean to the People’


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Drama, Mystery, Thriller
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Claire Danes, Mandy Patinkin
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We gave it a B+

How much would you be willing to sacrifice for democracy? For Carrie, the answer has always been — and now, is clearly — everything. Her daughter, her freedom, her mind — she’d sacrifice it all just to know that her country’s still intact, just to have that moment where she can look up at Yevgeny Gromov’s shell-shocked face and smile at it.

The question is whether any of it really worked — but we’ll get to that. The season finale — an intense, powerful installment — opens where the Great Wig Switch left off: with Carrie, dressed as Simone, being driven away by Anson and his grey Mercedes to lead Yevgeny’s men away from the real Simone. The real Simone, in a blond wig to play Carrie, has been taken to the embassy, where Saul and his team are waiting to extract her from the country. On their way out, Mirov stops their car, suspicious of how quickly Saul wants to get out of the embassy when before he’d been stalling, but luckily Yevgeny calls just in time to report that they’ve found the grey Mercedes

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