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hi-fi-audio-converter-geekout-v2-revolutionizing-soundTend to use headphones into your phone or laptop? The GeekOut V2 is looking to change what we should expect from our listening experiences.Following their success Kickstarting the original GeekOut 1000, the GeekOut V2 takes everything LH Labs learned on their first project an suitably amplifies it to new levels. It’s a headphone amplifier that replaces a computer or smartphone’s sound card and allows listeners to hear music—from MP3’s to Lossy tracks—as if they’re being listened to for the first time.A look at the feature list shows just what kind of power the GeekOut V2 is looking to provide:The most capable and powerful portable DAC ever made due to fully balanced circuit topology as well as the latest ESS SABRE9018AQ2M DAC chip3D printing allows for the optimization of the form factor and design aspects that would have otherwise been impossible using traditional manufacturing methods.Built-in heat sinks and ventilation chambers that reduce the radiant heat dissipated by Geek Out V2’s Class A amplifierPlay any music on the market today— from MP3’s to ultra-high-resolution files all the way up to 32/384 kHz and DSD 128Designed with real 32 bit / 384 kHz PCM audio and DSD128 natively in mindMultiple analog gain settings includingSelectable gain settings of 1000mW, 450mW & 100mWUsing expensive headphones via a MacBook’s audio jack or through an iPhone can provide substandard quality. In order to get the best out of those new headphones, a device like the GeekOut V2 can make a world of difference. The GeekOut V2 is available for pre-order now via LH Labs IndieGoGo campaign.

Source: Hi-Fi audio converter GeekOut V2 revolutionizing sound | TechnologyTell

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