Hannibal Buress talks Tag, heckles, and the comedy of his life

Hannibal Buress talks Tag, heckles, and the comedy of his life

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With his off-kilter humor and deadpan one-liners, Chicago comedian Hannibal Buress, 35, has slowly been stealing the spotlight in films such as Baywatch, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and this year’s raunchy Blockers. Now, Buress is finally leading a film as one of the five stars of the action comedy Tag, alongside Jeremy Renner, Jon Hamm, Ed Helms, and Jake Johnson, in a movie based on the true story of five adult men who have played the same game of tag each year for three decades.

“I have to be honest, I’ve just played myself in every movie,” Buress told EW. “I just try to make the takes funny, and if what’s on the page doesn’t feel right, I try to change it and say something else that feels right, and I try to be as funny as I can without taking away from other cast members.”

Starting in the world of stand-up, Buress landed a breakout recurring role on 30 Rock as a heckling homeless man, and then in 2014 as Lincoln, the long-suffering boyfriend to the hilariously eccentric Ilana on Comedy Central’s Broad City.

Amid Buress’ starry rise, he found himself thrust into the news when a 2014 stand-up set revived sexual misconduct allegations against Bill Cosby. The bit in question involved Buress criticizing Cosby for making patronizing remarks toward black people, and countering, “Well yeah, you’re a rapist.” Buress’ Cosby barb went viral and set in motion a sequence of events in which more than 50 women c

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