‘Give £1bn foreign aid to green causes’, says think tank

‘Give £1bn foreign aid to green causes’, says think tank

Foreign aid should be diverted to green projects to tackle plastic waste, a report by a Tory thinktank has urged.

A £1billion-a-year fund should be dedicated to protecting nature in developing countries, it says.

The report by think tank Bright Blue and the Conservative Environment Network calls for ‘greater action’ to tackle the scourge of plastic waste.

Bright Blue and the Global Nature Conservation fund have called for ‘greater action’ to tackle plastic waste (stock image)

‘From species loss to plastic in the world’s oceans, the public want greater action,’ it said.

‘So a greater emphasis on global nature conservation in UK international aid spending would not only address criticism, but enliven public support.’

Money could be spent on projects such as supporting protected areas for wildlife in Commonwealth countries and their oceans.

It could also go towards conserving critical areas of land or sea for key species such as elephants, tigers, whales a

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