Ghanaian Hip Hop Revolution

They say Ghanaian youths are lazy, they don’t know what they want. They say Ghanaian hip hop is not in the same league as those from abroad. We say crap to both.

There is group in Ghana that is silently making waves strongly underground. Following they come from an academic background but has immerse themselves with the streets.

Have you heard the name the “Frenchmen”? While the name may sound foreign, these youngsters are full-blooded Ghanaians and a true representation of not just the frustration of the Ghanaian youth but the height of Ghanaian hip hop music. They artistically marry their crafts with reality and have creatively put together a project that undoubtedly rivals any existing act in the hip hop genre of Ghana’s music industry

They are consistently producing sound tracks that reflect Ghana’s and Africa’s rich cultural heritage with a western twist. This approach has been adopted by the “Frenchmen” to capture a wide range of audiences.

They have a unique delivery style that shows originality in their lyrics and delivery and combine with their deep rich African Heritage. The Frenchmen is a must to see and hear.

The Frenchmen will be in concert on 25th April 2015 at Osu, the Forecourt of Radio XYZ.

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