Fire-ravaged tower block collapses with trapped residents in Brazil

Fire-ravaged tower block collapses with trapped residents in Brazil

A residential tower block has collapsed in Brazil after a huge blaze tore through the building in the middle of the night – leaving several residents trapped.

One person has been confirmed dead so far – with further fatalities expected to be announced over the coming hours.

The catastrophic collapse was caught on camera in the city of Sao Paulo as horrified onlookers filmed the unfolding carnage.

In the clip, posted on Twitter, the 26-storey building can be seen smoldering from the blaze with flames licking up the side of the structure from several windows.

The block then suddenly bursts into a bright ball of fire – before a whole side of the building comes crashing down to earth.

The footage shows the entire building suddenly burst into a ball of flame before a whole side of it plummets to the earth

Photos emerging from the scene showed the gigantic blaze engulfing the entire 26-floor structure

Nearby streets were evacuated as the city’s fire department struggled to contain the inferno

A number of residents can be seen on the upper floors of the building screaming for help in the clip. 

Local news outlets reported that the building was occupied by homeless people from the local area.

Flabio Gabia, a receptionist who works in a nearby hotel, told Estadao: ‘When I went to see what it was, the streets, which were deserted, were filled with people desperately trying to get away.’

‘I was working at the time and I heard several people shouting.

‘Several clients left the establishment when they saw the fire. A hotel next to the burning buildings was also emptied and cordoned off.’

According to local media, the building was 26-floors tall and formerly served as the headquarters of the Sao Paulo district’s federal police.

Emergency services are rushing to free the victims from the rubble of the stricken building

Firefighters can be seen at street level frantically attempting to control the raging fire before the building collapses

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