Fans ‘Bug Out’ to Debut Single by Kimik X

A brand-new artist is set to be on everyone’s playlists this summer. Independent label Kaieteur Records ( has dropped ‘Bug Out,’

A brand-new artist is set to be on everyone’s playlists this summer. Independent label Kaieteur Records ( has dropped “Bug Out,” the debut single by urban pop singer-songwriter Kimik X, and as the artist’s upbeat signature mix of dance, funk and hip-hop gets more airtime, fans are flocking to iTunes to download “Bug Out.”

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With a strong hook and an irresistible beat, “Bug Out” is already playing on more than 70 radio stations across the U.S. Kaieteur Records founder and president Michael Morian attributes the song’s rising popularity to the dedication of Kimik X.

“Kimik X has been writing songs and learning his craft since he was very young,” Morian explained. “His talent for songwriting and an unwavering focus on creating great music have resulted in ‘Bug Out’ appealing to a wide audience. Kaieteur Records is proud to represent Kimik X, and we can’t wait to introduce more of his work.”

From his early childhood in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, New York, Kimik X knew music was his future. His parents encouraged him to pursue his passion, which he did by spending countless hours singing and writing his own songs. When Kimik X was 17, his father enrolled him in a hip-hop history classand the die was set.

After the class ended, Kimik X threw himself into his music. He recorded mix tapes, cut demos and shot some low-budget videos to showcase his work, with the hope of catching an executive’s attention. And when Kimik X’s tape found its way into Morian’s hands, Morian knew he had just discovered something special. He immediately signed Kimik X, and they got to work on “Bug Out.”

Rather than sit back and relax while “Bug Out” climbs the charts, Kimik X is back in the studio finishing up his debut CD. The official music video for “Bug Out” will be released shortly. In the meantime, fans who want a sneak peek at Kimik X can see and hear him at

Listen to “Bug Out” on Kimik X’s SoundCloud and view the “Bug Out” commercial on YouTube at:

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Morian founded Kaieteur Records in 2009 with a focus on providing marketing and promotion, production, recording and international distribution to emerging and established independent artists in the genres of country, pop, R&B and hip-hop. Along with Kamik X, Kaieteur Records artists include dancehall/urban singer-songwriter Sajay and DJ Kidd Stone. The company’s future plans include global distribution and sponsorships. Learn more at

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Source: Fans ‘Bug Out’ to Debut Single by Kimik X

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