Facebook ‘moderators’ sworn to secrecy over censorship orders

Facebook ‘moderators’ sworn to secrecy over censorship orders

Facebook pays moderators as little as £18,000 a year to comb through the disturbing material on its site – and swears workers to secrecy.

Damning undercover footage, screened on Channel 4’s Dispatches programme last night, showed a training centre where moderators were told that footage of a child being beaten should be left online.

One trainer said: ‘If you start censoring too much then people stop using the platform. It’s all about money at the end of the day.’

Undercover footage filmed for Dispatches on Channel 4 shows the training processes behind Facebook’s moderation

In an admission of the cloak of secrecy Facebook operates under, moderators were told: ‘You are not to disclose any information… No matter how drunk you are, make sure you do not reveal the information about what you are actually doing here.’

Cpl Resources, Facebook’s largest centre for UK content moderation, also makes workers sign non-disclosure agreements. Last night, MPs attacked the social media network and warned that regulation was in the pipeline.

In the Channel 4 exposé, those in training were shown content allowed on Facebook, such as a racist cartoon of a mother du

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