Exes To Best Friends

In the ongoing Twitter feud between Kanye Kim and Amber Wiz, there seems to be a truce. Earlier this week Kanye and Whiz went at on twitter, when Whiz said Kanye new album wasn’t going to be that great and some other things and Kanye come back with his own words which lead to Amber Rose to step in and tweet about Kanye liking the getting his Brown Betty fingered. All that, in a nutshell, lead to this picture kimBout Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose posted this picture but with two different captions, Kim posted the caption “Tea anyone?” and Amber posted the caption “Swingers.” I don’t know what any of them meant by that, but I do remember Kanye predicting this in the being of the  twitter beef when he posted this.


Once again K. Weezy wins, tune in to the “NEW NEW SHOW” ever Thursday at 9pm on NewJacks.net

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