Emotional night of tributes to mark Grenfell Tower disaster

Emotional night of tributes to mark Grenfell Tower disaster

The city of London turned green tonight to mark the one year anniversary since the Grenfell Tower disaster.

Thirteen tower blocks, including Grenfell, glowed green in a show of solidarity across the west London skyline, while Downing Street and Kensington Palace were also illuminated.

Grieving family and friends attended a tense and emotional memorial service after a silent march and vigil took place close by the scene of the tragedy.

Shortly after midnight, victims and relatives marched to the south east foot of the cordon surrounding the tower block where an emotional roll call of the 72 victim’s names were read out.

Tears were flowing as bereaved family members clutches images of loved one they lost in the fire and marched their way towards the tower to hold a vigil.

Around half way into the service, tempers flared in the crowd when a man began shouting at another member in the crowd.

The change in atmosphere caused some mourners to leave. One being a relative of the Choucair family, six of whom died in the fire last July.

Speaking to MailOnline, Mr Gotti, said he was saddened and disappointed the memorial was interrupted.

The 42-year-old, who lives a minute from the tower, said: ‘I just had enough and had to leave. It’s rude and it’s not fair that it was interrupted. This is about everyone that died not just one person.’

Mr Gotti said there were tensions organising the memorial events. He said: ‘There were some ignorant people interrupting our memorial. This was supposed to be our time today. As residents, we are traumatised and I don’t think this should have been about what group is organising it.

‘What we saw just now was very rude. I am the one who lost my family and friends.’

Including Grenfell itself, a total of thirteen towers through London will glow green to mark the one-year anniversary since the disaster 

Bereaved family members of those who died in the diaster tonight wore green and held pictures of their loved ones as they marched towards the tower 

Many were crying tonight as they held pictures of friends and family who died in the Grenfell Tower blaze one year ago tonight 

Grenfell Tower was tonight illuminated bright green in tribute to the 72 residents of Grenfell Tower who lost their lives in the blaze one year ago tonight

Relatives, survivors and friends of victims of the Grenfell tower fire walk to the tower to hold a vigil, one year after the fire i

The grieving community have come together tonight to pay tribute to those who lost their lives in the Grenfell Tower fire

Grenfell Tower is seen covered and illuminated with green light one year after the tower fire in London. A further 12 blocks will also glow green tonight as part of the commemorations 

A man looks on at Grenfell Tower, which has now been covered and illuminated in green light as a tribute to the 72 residents who lost their lives a year ago tonight 

A house close to Grenfell Tower is lit up in bright green light tonight as a community comes together to mark the one-year anniversary of the tragedy 

Grenfell Tower is now clad in a white covering and with a huge banner draped around the upper floors, reading: ‘GRENFELL FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS’

A woman poses with her freshly printed ‘Justice For Grenfell’ t-shirt 

One year on: Grenfell Tower went up in flames in the early hours of June 14, 2017

JustGiving keeps £200,000 from Grenfell Tower donations 

JustGiving has been slammed after keeping hundreds of thousands of pounds in donations for the Grenfell Tower victims.

The company, which takes five per cent of all donations, has refused to offer up a cut of the donations.

Labour MP John Spellar told The Sun: ‘I understand that they need to cover their costs. But they should also recognise that making a significant profit isn’t why people give their money to charity and they should see sense and cough up.’ 

Tonight a Tube driver caused crowds to erupt in cheers when he stopped his train on the tracks on a bridge and emotionally waved a green flag in tribute. 

Mourners gazed up at the tower with tears in their eyes tonight as the coveted block has been illuminated green to commemorate one year since the disaster.

Standing in a cordoned area at the base of Kensington Leisure Centre, around fifty people – a mix of local residents and well-wishers – came to pay their respects.

A mother who wished to remained unnamed told MailOnline with tears in her eyes: ‘This shouldn’t have been able to happen. We shouldn’t be here looking at this tonight.’

She told how on the night of the tragedy she had waved goodbye to a friend at midnight before returning to her Notting Hill home just a stones throw away. She woke up the next morning to learn the devastating news.

Twelve months on she said this evening she felt ‘compelled’ to return to the site.

Nineteen-year-old student Morgan Tanawa-Bamba said he felt he had to visit too. ‘I live just up the road. It feels very surreal seeing it lit up knowing at some point it’s going to get raised to the ground.

The Kensington teenager added: ‘Tonight is bittersweet. You’re never going to forget the people who died there and tonight with it covered up you can almost imagine they are still alive inside there and are safe.’

Speaking about the council’s role in the disaster, he said: ‘It’s all about money. It couldn’t get any worse than what happened. People predicted what would happen but the council didn’t listen. It’s just an utter, utter tragedy.’

The memorials come just days after Metropolitan Police announced it would be investigating London Fire Brigade over their ‘stay put’ policy during the disaster.

The official advice given to the tower’s residents for the most part of the fire was to stay inside their flats. 

A public inquiry into the tragedy has been pause this week as tributes take place. 

The probe also heard heart-breaking tributes from those who lost loved ones in the devastating inferno last year. 

Chairman Sir Martin Moore-Bick was visibly moved during hearings, which have now moved on to a fact-finding stage. 

Speaking in the Commons yesterday, Prime Minister Theresa May said the ‘unimaginable tragedy remains at the forefront of our minds’.

She added: ‘We are doing everything that we can to see that the survivors of Grenfell get the homes and support that they need and the truth and justice that they deserve.’ 

Standing in the doorway of the carriage, the Transport for London worker held out a green flag with pride – a colour which has been adopted by many charities supporting relief efforts.

The driver smiled in acknowledgement to those standing below who whooped and cheered as he bowed his head before turning back to the vehicle.  

The heart-warming moment was captured on television. 

Sky News Dan Whitehead described it as a ‘lovely tribute’ and said it ‘speaks volumes of the atmosphere down here tonight’. 

The next seven days will be a difficult week for people living in the area as memories remain fresh of the biggest tragedy in British history since the Second World War.

A man gazes up towards the tower which, a year ago tonight, was the scene of Britain’s worst peace-time disaster since the end of World War II

Grenfell Tower is seen shrouded by scaffolding and covers one year after the tower fire 

Hoardings in support of the victims of the Grenfell fire cover Grenfell Tower near Ladbroke Grove, west London

Final Grenfell victim died because of failing of the system, widower claims 

Pily Burton died seven months after the fire (PA)

A Grenfell Tower survivor whose wife is considered the 72nd victim of the fire has claimed authorities miss

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