Einstein: Check out an exclusive preview of James Patterson’s Genius new series

Einstein: Check out an exclusive preview of James Patterson’s Genius new series

James Patterson is ready to begin unveiling his Genius new series.

The best-selling author has teamed with Chris Grabenstein (Welcome to Wonderland) for a new middle-grade series drawn directly from the Albert Einstein archives, bearing the legendary scientist’s official seal. It centers on “Max” Einstein: a curious young genius. She’s described as inventive, irreverent, highly imaginative, and someone who loves to solve problems in fun, unconventional ways, much like Einstein himself. The high-stakes adventure series follows Max and the world’s brightest kids as they travel the globe to solve humanity’s biggest problems with the power of science.

It’s Patterson’s big new series, and the author is prepared to preview it exclusively with EW. The first book in the series, The Genius Experiment, is out Oct. 8, beginning Max’s story as she’s first recruited by a mysterious organization. Below, you can see the official cover for the new book, as well as read an excerpt. Read on, and pre-order The Genius Experiment here.

Excerpt from The Genius Experiment, by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein


The stench of horse manure woke Max Einstein with a jolt.

“Of course!”

Even though she was shivering, she threw off her blanket and hopped out of bed.

Actually, it wasn’t really a bed. More like a lumpy, water-stained mattress with frayed seams. But that didn’t matter. Ideas could come wherever they wanted.

She raced down the dark hall. The floorboards—bare planks laid across rough beams—creaked and wobbled with every step. Her red hair, of course, was a bouncing tangle of wild curls. It was always a bouncing tangle of wild curls.

Max rapped her knuckles

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