Early Emmy plea: It’s time for The Bachelor to get some love

Early Emmy plea: It’s time for The Bachelor to get some love

The Television Academy of Arts & Sciences has been handing out Emmys for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program since 2003. The Bachelor, ABC’s rose-strewn dating franchise, premiered in 2002 and recently finished its twenty-second season — but it has never once been nominated for an Emmy in any category. Ever.

I ask you, rose lovers and non-rose lovers alike, How is this possible???

You certainly don’t have to be a member of Bachelor Nation (full disclosure: I so am) to recognize the fact that The Bachelor is a genuine pop culture phenomenon. While once written off as a “guilty pleasure,” today there is no shame in admitting that you watch. Celebrities from Amy Schumer to Charlize Theron openly discuss their fascination with the series, while Ellen DeGeneres regularly interviews contestants on her daytime talk show. Sixteen years after its premiere, The Bachelor is more talked about (and parodied) than ever — what other reality show can say the same? Warner Bros., the studio that produces The Bachelor, tried to capitalize on the show’s famous fans to help earn an Emmy nom in 2016 — to no avail.

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