Death Of Parking Lots: 6 Ways Streaming Music Is Changing The World

Jay Frank is the Owner and CEO of DigSin, a new singles-focused music company that allows subscribing fans to obtain music for free. DigSin signs new artists to deals that leverage new platforms, social networks and analytics that expose music to a wider audience, building popularity outside of traditional methods. Frank is also the author of two books. His first book, Futurehit.DNA, is a No. 1 Songwriting book on Amazon and part of the college curriculum at a number of colleges and universities. The book explores how digital technology has changed the way people discover music and examines what an artist needs to make their song more hitworthy in the digital age. Frank’s second book, Hack Your Hit, is a how-to guide for musicians filled with free and cheap marketing tips. Prior to forming DigSin, Frank was the Sr. VP of Music Strategy for CMT, a MTV Network. Under Frank’s leadership, music video ratings reached all-time highs thanks to an aggressive multi-platform promotional strategy. Frank was also VP of Music Programming and Label Relations for Yahoo! Music, responsible for all the company’s music programming. He was also senior music director at The Box Music Network, worked in marketing and A&R for Ignition Records, managed a live music venue, programmed broadcast radio stations and created two local music video shows.

What’s your favorite Nashville destination?
Prince’s Hot Chicken. This is a unique Nashville food that’s as hot as its reputation. Get the hottest one at your own risk.

What is your take on the current state of the music industry? What could be improved and how can we do that?
The music business looks brighter than ever. The growth of streaming and mobile simultaneously changes business models and marketing plans. With that, the genres that people enjoy will shift. The kinds of songs that become hits will shift. The tactics on how you market will shift. Those that lean in will find greater revenue at lower costs. Those that fight it will be left behind.

What is the best concert you’ve ever been to?

Radiohead at Roseland Ballroom in 2000 around the release of Kid A.  The band was at its peak, the venue was small, and the ticket was red hot.  The band delivered an experience that can only be described as magical.

“Streaming music provides so many new opportunities for revenue and promotion.  The Death Of Parking Lots shows how numerous artists and labels are now profiting from this format disruption. The presentation will deliver six points on how anyone can grow their music business thru streaming in the years ahead.”

Source: Music Biz 2015 Speaker Profile: Jay Frank, DigSin | PressReleasePoint

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