De La Soul Are Using Kickstarter To Kickstart Their New Album

De La Soul are working on their brand new album for this year. Without having a label to have their back, they’re using Kickstarter for fans to fund their new album for this year. The money is going to be used for their recording, mixing, marketing, design, packaging, and distribution costs. Other details of the album haven’t been released yet but the only rapper will be featured is Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz. De La Soul will also plan to sample themselves so they wouldn’t have to go through copyright infringement issues. The fans will be able to fund whatever how much he or she has but there are incentives. If a fan donates $30, they will receive a 1GB De La Soul thumb drive with their new album uploaded. Fan who are also shoe collecters that are interested in purchasing a pair of 2015 limited edition De La Soul Nike Dunks, will donate $500. If $2,500 is donated, a fan will have a chance to eat dinner with De La Soul in the new restaurant Street Bird in Harlem, New York. The goal of the Kickstarter campaign was to raise the money up to $110,000 but the latest detail is the money was raised to $250,000 from over 4,000 backers. The al

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