Commonwealth Games swimmer ‘raped 19-year-old student’

Commonwealth Games swimmer ‘raped 19-year-old student’

Otto Putland (pictured) is accused of raping a 19-year-old after she had sex with Ieuan Lloyd

A former Commonwealth Games swimmer is accused of raping a student after she had sex with another athlete from the British Olympic team.

Otto Putland, 24, is accused of jumping into bed with the 19-year-old after she had consensual sex with fellow swimmer Ieuan Lloyd.

The woman had gone back to Mr Lloyd’s home in Cardiff for sex with the two-time Olympian who swam at London 2012 and Rio 2016.

Mr Lloyd and the woman had consensual sex – but he then allowed his ‘very good friend’ Mr Putland to enter the bedroom left him alone with her, Cardiff Crown Court heard today.

He is alleged to have started kissing her for the teenager to respond by saying: ‘What are you doing? You can’t just pass me around.’

The woman alleges that after having sex with Mr Lloyd (pictured) she was raped by Mr Putland

Mr Putland allegedly stripped naked, put a condom on and raped her in the house in Adamsdown.

The woman says she had already text a friend saying ‘I need help please come and get me’ when she saw Mr Putland taking his shoes off.

She said she covered her genitals with her hands and started crying while Putland allegedly told her: ‘It’s okay, we don’t have to have sex, we can just kiss.’

Prosecutor Janet McDonald said the girl claimed she escaped and ran to the bathroom. The woman said she blacked out and woke up back in bed to find Putland raping her.

But Ms McDonald told the jury Putland had already been acquitted at an earlier trial of the second alleged rape. The women claims the earlier alleged attack still happened.

Ms McDonald said: ‘She told Putland she did not want sex. He recognised this immediately. His case is that she consented. That’s the issue in this case.

Putland is alleged to have removed all of his clothing while the girl lay in bed crying before raping her

‘He proved he had no respect for the complainant because his friend had had sex, it was okay for him to do so too. A man fuelled by drink, he took what he wanted.’

She said the woman’s friend was alerted to the situation by phone and text messages. 

‘She beca

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