Charles Clark and Alan Johnson urge the introduction of ID cards

Charles Clark and Alan Johnson urge the introduction of ID cards

Two former Home Secretaries are urging ministers to put the introduction of national identity cards ‘back on the agenda’ in the wake of the Windrush scandal.

Labour grandees Alan Johnson and Charles Clarke say the documents would prevent a repeat of the fiasco, which helped trigger Amber Rudd’s shock resignation last night.

Tony Blair had pushed to introduce ID cards, but his plans sparked huge opposition and were ditched when Theresa May became Home Secretary in 2010.

But Mr Johnson and Mr Clarke tore into Mrs May’s ‘ideological and unwise’ decision to abandon plans for the documents.

And they said the cards would make the status of thousands of undocumented immigrants regular.

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Labour former Home Secretaries Charles Clarke (pictured left) and Alan Johnson (pictured right) have both called for national ID cards to be introduced in the wake of the Windrush scandal

Theresa May (pictured today at a primary school near Manchester) has been urge to reconsider the introduction of ID cards in the wake of the Windrush scandal

They say this would avoid a repeat of the Windrush scandal, which saw immigrants who have lived in the UK for years threatened with deportation because they do not have ID documents.

They have lost theirs jobs, homes, were denied NHS treatment and stopped from attending their loved-ones’ weddings and funeral because of the fiasco.

In a joint letter to The Times today, the two ex Labour home secretaries warned that unless ID cards are introduced ministers risk leaving EU nationals living in Britain in the same predicament.

They wrote:  ‘Theresa May’s ideological and unwise d

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