Atlanta: Hiro Murai says directing ‘Teddy Perkins’ was ‘very unnerving’

Atlanta: Hiro Murai says directing ‘Teddy Perkins’ was ‘very unnerving’

Atlanta director Hiro Murai, who helmed season 2‘s unsettling outing “Teddy Perkins,” still won’t confirm whether series creator and star Donald Glover actually played the titular character.

In the creepy episode that aired April 5, Darius (Lakeith Stanfield) goes to pick up a free piano from Teddy Perkins, a reclusive, Michael Jackson-esque pop star who lives in a mansion that doubles as a museum for his abusive father. What should be a simple transaction devolves into a frightening and odd encounter that ends with the murder-suicide of Teddy and his piano-playing, wheelchair bound, and disfigured brother Benny Hope.

When the episode aired, many viewers guessed Glover was the one behind the whiteface mask even though the credits said Teddy played himself. Derrick Haywood, who portrayed Benny Hope, told Vulture that Glover was Teddy; however, Murai is still honoring those end cr

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