Artist of the Month: Paytra March 2016

This Singer/Songwriter is a quadruple threat to the music industry! Paytra has been training and performing most of her
years. At the tender age of 16, she moved to New York City from her small-town home in Bedford, Michigan. Being a young
entrepreneur in a big city all alone, she began performing everywhere that she could and involved herself in heavy training
with esteemed vocal coaches and dance instructors. As a classically trained pianist, she began to experiment with heavy
basslines and drum patterns and incorporating them into her technical piano skills to create her own niche in the pop world.
Music production and writing lyrics are a few of this artists’ favorite pastimes.11329904_921720687868974_1124587040249708118_n
By the time she was 18, she had released two cover singles, as seen on, and two original songs
that were released on SiriusXm, where it was played for over 4 million listeners. Perhaps her fans most notably fell in love
with her down-to-earth, silly personality; sharing her everyday social media videos to over 70k views. She is the New York
Pop princess and girl next door all in one.
With her Latina background, she has a confident, sassy, spunk that is contagious onstage and offstage! But don’t let this
beautiful, no bigger than a minute young artist fool you. She is packed with incredible drive and concentration.Two specific
traits that set Paytra apart is her positive, lighthearted energy and back-breaking work ethic. Some say she is a prodigy with
her ability to compose and create under pressure.
With her passion of connecting to her fans and sharing the music in her heart, there is no doubt that this redhead is the
next household name in Pop Music!

Instagram: @Paytra_
Twitter: @PaytraGessler

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