Artist of the Month: Oct.2015 Xcstacy

Xcstacy was started in 2008 by a young group of guys from NYC and NJ in our upper teens and lower twenties, hungry to make a name for ourselves in the small Garifuna musical world. Our audience expands throughout the 5 boroughs of New York City but we have also attracted Garifuna music lovers in other major1417212773_artist_622499-1417212758 US cities like Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami and even in our home countries of Guatemala and Honduras. We have released 2 mix-tapes and multiple singles since then and are driven to continue to expand our audience through music that is fun and attractive to people of all ages. Our primary musical output is “punta rock music” however we do perform other genres of music; Caribbean styles such as reggae, calypso, and soca, Latin styles such as merengue, and bachata, and also hip hop and R&B. Our primary goal is to expand our Garifuna culture through our music and familiarize people all over the US and eventually the world with our music as Jamaicans have done with reggae, and Latin Americans with bachata. We incorporate styles from many different genres into our music that has evolved from just traditional drums, maracas, and turtle shells, to rhythms and melodies being created with keyboards, electronic drums, guitars and additions of Latin percussion instruments. We would like to thank you all for your continuous love and support and we hope you enjoy our music and videos. Always X- Pect the Un-X-Pected!

Our music can also be found at

Band Members:

Chris “C-Money” Gamboa
Justin “Chubbs” Gamboa
Taylor “Monkey” Velasquez
Oscar “Iinfamous O” Gonzales
Junior “Icy” Ellington
Edwin “Junito” Palacios
John “JD” David



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