Artist of the Month: Feb 2016 Lucky Luch

Luciano Francis Reyes, also know by his stage name “Lucky Luch,” is an American hip-hop and Indie Artist based in New York City. Reyes was born in The Bronx and grew up in Mahopac, New York just 45 minutes north of the city.
Growing up in a household where his mother was a correction officer and his father a fire fighter, Luciano learned the principles of discipline early. This self-discipline led to his committal to music.
While Luciano was still young, his older sister Frances ran away from home after a dispute with their parents. Luciano is still in contact with his sister today, but when she fled home, Luciano took the CD’s she left behind and started listening to them. They happened to be mostly classic rap CD’s which is where Luciano’s love for the genre stemmed.
Luciano also had stints playing the trombone from 2nd grade to 8th grade, which were his first experiences performing in front of people. They certainly wouldn’t be his last.
In 8th grade, after the trombone, Luciano and some friends who shared a love for hip hop started rapping for fun, but Luch never really believed he compared to them when he performed in front of them. Still, he continued to write.
In his junior year of high school, Luciano–still writing raps–met Alex Malone, also a rapper, at a party. He went on to become a great friend of Luciano’s.
Luciano heard him rap and wanted to collaborate with him. After people constantly telling Luciano he couldn’t/shouldn’t rap, Malone was the one who encouraged Luciano and believed he brought something to the table.
After finishing high school, Luciano attended Herkimer County CC, where he continued to freely rap at parties or for his friends. Luciano had more confidence now in his lyrics, and met a producer in his two years at Herkimer named Jordan Sommer. He and Sommer collaborated, performed at shows in the Utica/Herkimer area, and released music videos and EPs after they graduated with their associates’ degrees in music industry. Unfortunately, their market and network weren’t large enough for them to take off.
After a year off of school, Luciano returned to New York City to pursue his education at Baruch College in Manhattan. He’s working now with the assets available to him in New York to complete his first solo EP, called “City Nights.” He has since released the first single off the EP called “Love You Better,” co-produced by him and Long-Island based producer Cherelle Crews.Lucky Luch-22

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