Artist of the Month: April 2015

919839_609096295769207_1480056693_oTHE PASSION OF JISE is the greatest release from Brooklyn bastion Jise, there is no denying this fact. Born
Geraldo Barreto, the NYC artist has crafted a conceptual semi-biographical album that delves into what growing up
in Brooknam was truly like.

“The best way to explain my music or poetry is to listen to it” says Jise. “It’s difficult to describe. Someone once
referred to it as ‘Abstract poetry’ and that sounds good to me.”

The Passion of The Jise comes nearly 4 years after Jise’s critically acclaimed debut solo album, The
Chronicles 2. During that time, Jise was compiling the correct pieces and carefully building the foundation of what
would become The Passion of The Jise.

“It did take longer than I’d expected between releases, but many factors played into the length of time it took to
finish. I actually recorded a totally different LP 2 years ago, but it was destroyed by a burnt out computer drive. I
was devastated at the time, but it forced me to get back into the lab and start from scratch and what I’ve come up
with is my best work to date.”
Jise’s journey began in the early 1990’s as a member of the legendary New York indie rap group The
Arsonists. Many people believe that The Arsonists spearheaded the indie underground hip hop movement in the
1990’s. They released such classic singles as Da Session, Pyromaniax and Backdraft. The group recorded two
critically acclaimed albums before disbanding just prior to the Millennium.
Around the time of the second Arsonists’ release, Subverse Records put out a single featuring Jise and
Helixx C. Armageddon that was produced by Kriminal Krash entitled Blacklisted. Time Magazine deemed
Blacklisted to be one of the two best hip hop records released that year, quite an honor for an independent single.
“A record should have substance, something that means more than just battle rapping,” says Jise, “I want to paint
pictures with poetry and music.”
The Passion of The Jise features production from veritable who’s who of New York City underground
producers, including: Arsonists/Stillwell lead vocalist and producer Q-Unique, IDE (Creative Juices Music), Insite,
Moods, DJ Dras79, Mastamind, Nuttkase and Frank Sasoon.
“This album is a combination of old dream journals and poetry entries that date back to my early days as a teen”
says Jise. “I stumbled upon my old journal entries and realized that it was an incredible foundation for an album.”
On songs such as “Mommy’s Sunshine” and “The Best”, Jise weaves tales from various characters
perspectives like Rumpelstiltskin wove straw into gold. Augmented by dark and daunting piano loops, these two
tracks are as pleasing to the mind’s eye as they are to the ear canal. His lyrical tact on “Light Of Day” displays his
fier y poetry without sacrificing the song’s musical prowess.
“The songs represent me in one way or another” says Jise. “Some people either write about love, politics, social
issues etc., but being conscious includes all of the above and much more.”
Having taken the time getting The Passion of The Jise ready, Jise has already begun his next plans, which
include bonus cuts and a self-titled side project with his brethren in Native Technique, Loki Velez, Dj Dras and
Mastamind. As always, Jise creates his own lane in inspiration, making music without concern for what’s trendy or
fashionable, rather believing that the best way is the only way; and that is through truth, love and sacrifice.


-Jise “F@LL” ft. Freestyle (The Arsonists) Produced by Drasdj

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