Arrow boss on that tragic finale loss

Arrow boss on that tragic finale loss

Warning: This story contains major spoilers from the season 6 finale of Arrow. Read at your own risk.

The hero got arrested. The show’s moral center was killed. The bad guy got away. All in all, it was a pretty rough season finale for Arrow.

During the episode, Team Arrow launched an assault on Ricardo Diaz (Kirk Acevedo), who threatened to kill Laurel (Katie Cassidy) unless Mayor Lance (Paul Blackthorne) ordered the FBI to leave Star City. Following a meetup to strike a deal gone bad, an angry Diaz goes to shoot Laurel, but Lance steps in front of the gun instead, taking a bullet to the gut.

Team Arrow arrives just in time to thwart Diaz from taking a kill shot, with Oliver (Stephen Amell) finally getting the upper hand over Diaz in a rooftop showdown. But a distraught Laurel blasts Diaz off the roof with her canary cry, inadvertently letting Diaz get away. That’s right, the season’s big bad escapes to live another day. His forces are decimated by season’s end, but there was that mention that he’s been working with the Longbow Hunters, so he’s not totally on his own.

Back at the hospital, Oliver finally reveals how he got the FBI to help: He’s going to publicly admit he’s the Green Arrow and then turn himself in to police custody. As everyone argues against it, the doctor comes out to reveal that Lance has died — Blackthorne is exiting the series and will star on the NBC drama The InBetween.

Now that Oliver is in jail and Diaz is in the wind, what will happen to Star City? EW turned to executive producer Marc Guggenheim to find out:


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