Argentina’s historic vote on legalising abortion laws

Argentina’s historic vote on legalising abortion laws

“Legal abortion in a hospital” sang hundreds of people outside Congress. It was a long and tense debate that lasted for 23 hours.

At times rumours took over the crowds that thought the vote was going to maintain the status quo.

But when the vote came, it was pure joy among those who have been fighting for months to shed light on one of the hushed about issues in Argentina.

“This struggle is historical and it represents so many things. Its a change in society, to be able to decide over our bodies, to win a collective battle, and that we have to continue fighting to change and transform this country.”

The law had to be modified several times before it was debated in Congress. It now says that women can have an abortion up to 14 weeks of pregnancy and they can use their health insurance or a public hospital.

It also accelerates the process in case a woman has been raped.

For months, women, wearing green bandanas, have been taking to the streets to cha

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