Ampleforth College is locked down after warning of ‘armed man’

Ampleforth College is locked down after warning of ‘armed man’

An elite boarding school was locked down last night following a scare over an armed attack on its grounds.

Students and staff at £34,000-a-year Ampleforth College in North Yorkshire were forced to hide out in their dormitories for almost two hours after police warned that a man, described as ‘possibly armed’, was driving towards the grounds.

The school immediately activated its ‘lockdown’ and ‘critical incident’ procedures as its pupils were rushed back to their houses.

The fee-paying boarding school is run by monks and admits both boys and girls

North Yorkshire Police confirmed they had attended an incident within the vicinity of the college.

The threat was neutralised at around 11.30pm and the school said activities will resume as normal today (Fri). Many students, however, faced revision chaos as they are due to sit their first GCSE exams in the morning.

It remained unclear this morning what the threat entailed and whether anyone had been arrested. 

In a message posted to the school’s website at around 9.30pm by the school’s headmaster Father Wulstan, said: ‘We have been advised of a possible threat to the school. We are working in full

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