Amnesty raises alarm over Egypt’s cluster-bomb video

Amnesty raises alarm over Egypt’s cluster-bomb video

Amnesty International has said Egypt must cease use of cluster bombs “immediately” after the weapons had featured in an official video by the country’s military on their recent operations in North Sinai.

The human rights group said in a statement on Wednesday that its experts analysed the video and concluded that the footage showed military air force personnel on February 9 loading Egyptian fighter planes with the internationally banned cluster bombs.

They were identified as US-made CBU-87 Combined Effects Weapons, each containing 202 BLU-97/B bomblets.

“Cluster bombs are inherently indiscriminate weapons that inflict unimaginable suffering for years after their use, and they are internationally banned for this reason,” Najia Bounaim, Amnesty International’s deputy regional director for the Middle East and North Africa, said in the statement.

“Their depiction in this video suggests that the Egyptian air force has either alre

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