American Idol recap: ‘The Top 10’

American Idol recap: ‘The Top 10’

So, here we are. The Idol Top 10, and because the world moves so quickly, in a few hours, that will only be the Top 7. Then the Top 2. Then it’s over. By midnight.

Just kidding. But this is an expedited season that will end with only seven contestants moving forward. This week is Disney week, though, which I believe is a contractural obligation of any ABC show. The crowd will be tackling Disney hits while Katy Perry dons a Snow White costume. I wonder how they conned Katy into doing that, then I googled her salary. It’s $25 million, and honestly, if you paid me that, I’d kill Snow White myself on live TV, so I get it. They’re being mentored by Idina Menzel, who Ryan Seacrest referred to as “a household name following Frozen,” which is spitting directly in the green face of Elphaba, but fine, whatever. Sure, Ryan.

Maddie Poppe, “Bare Necessities”

In her standard Sara Bareilles/Zooey Deschanel crossover approach, Maddie takes on “Bare Necessities” with a slight whispery yodel in her voice. I’ve been a big Maddie fan. Huge, even. So much so that I’d have to disclose the amount of money I’d give if this were a campaign. But after a few weeks of the same hopeful, nostalgic voice, I’m feeling a little bit like I do after listening to three songs from a She & Him album. Like, it was a lot of fun to start, but now, I just wonder how ironic the whole thing is, you know? Granted, Disney isn’t really the week that you can lay down an electronic dance record, but still. Even “Bear Necessities” feels a little dated. Maddie’s saving grace is how annoyed she looked as Snow Katy spoke in an affected Disney voice. I know that underneath this trendy, hipster songbook lies a very dark woman.


Jurnee, “How Far I’ll Go”

Jurnee, or as Katy called her “the best woman for the job,” is taking on 

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