Alabama Rapper The Last Mr. Bigg Passes Away

Legendary Mobile, Alabama rapper, The Last Mr. Bigg, has passed away a few days ago. He was not only the most influential rapper to ever come out of Alabama but from the south. Bigg has been active in the indie rap game since the 90s He released two independent albums on Warlock Records. His real name was Donald Maurice Pears. According to his friend DJ Rodski, Bigg has died in his sleep at his sister’s home sometime Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning. He was in his early 40s. There was no report on how the rapper died but according to DJ Rodski, Bigg was experiencing kidney problems and he has been losing weight. He was experiencing health problems for a while before his death. Bigg was still performing shows throughout the south and in certain regions. His music was also known in midwest cities such as Cincinnati and in the southeastern United States region. He was well known on the hit single Poppin My Collar along with Memphis rap group Three Six Mafia, who was also friends of The Last Mr. Bigg. He was in a 2010 documentary called Number One With A Bullet, which reflects on hip-hop, gun violence and the relationship between both. Bigg was on the documentary talking about an incident where he was shot twice in the head. He lost his eye sight and wore a glittering prosthetic. After his recovery, he went by another name DiamondEye and decided to get rid of his original rap name but his fans will always remember him as The Last Mr. Bigg.

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