Africans in Israel voice concern over new resettlement plan

Africans in Israel voice concern over new resettlement plan

African asylum seekers in Israel have voiced concern over Tel Aviv’s agreement with the UN to resettle half of them to Western countries.

A number of African migrants and asylum seekers told Al Jazeera they remain skeptical that the new plan could bring any real change for those who are to stay in Israel.

On Monday Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office announced that Israel had reached an unprecedented understanding with the United Nations to help resettle at least 16,250 African migrants in “developed countries like Canada, or Germany and Italy,” instead of Africa..

Hours after the announcement, Netanyahu said he would suspend the new plan, which was denounced by right-wingers in his government.

Netanyahu wrote in a Facebook post on Monday night that he was putting the agreement on hold until he meets with representatives from south Tel Aviv- where a large number of African asylum seekers live- along with Interior Minister Arye Dery.

Confusing matters further, as both German embassy in Israel and the Italian foreign ministry reported to the media that they were not aware of receiving any requests regarding asylum seekers.

The new deal would allow those

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