8 things you didn’t see on TV at the MTV Movie & TV Awards

8 things you didn’t see on TV at the MTV Movie & TV Awards

Ah, the MTV Movie & TV awards…where superhero movies and Tiffany Haddish finally get the recognition they’re denied at the Oscars. This year’s awards show was pre-taped on Saturday, so this intrepid reporter pulled on her Spanx and downed a few complimentary cans of wine (yes, they were giving out cans of wine) to bring you the inside scoop on what really happens behind closed doors.

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The festivities took place in an airport hangar

While it may look like this is all happening in some trendy club or auditorium, the MTV Movie & TV Awards actually took place in the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, Calif., which is basically just a massive event space that they built a stage in. The red carpet was just yards from a museum about air travel and a whole bunch of portable toilets.


Celebs munched on macarons and drank champagne

While seated at their tables, celebrities were given plates of adorable petit fours with mini-macarons and a dessert that looked like sushi. Of course, the bubbly was flowing.

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