50 Cent SLAMS BET Hip Hop Awards And Emmys For Nomination Snubs: ‘Same List Every Year’ 

With recent nominations revealed for the 2015 BET Hip Hop Awards and the 67th Emmy Awards, rapper 50 Cent isn’t pleased with the list of nominations.50 Cent first took offense to BET’s nominations for Director of the Year which include Alan Ferguson, Benny Boom, Chris Robinson/Lil Chris, Colin Tilley and Director X but not Eif Rivera.”Director of the Year, where the f**k is Eif Rivera?” 50 Cent wrote in the caption of a picture of him and Rivera with a stack of money. “You have the same list ever year. SMH wack”Last year’s nominations for Director of The Year included Benny Boom, Chris Robinson, Director X, Dre Films and Hype Williams.The rapper’s anger then moved towards the Emmys which nominated “Empire” and actress Taraji P. Henson for awards but gave no recognition to 50 Cent’s show “Power.””Man these people act like POWER ain’t s**t,” 50 Cent wrote in the photo’s caption. “See why I be trippin I saw that trophy in the store for $20 bucks I’m gonna just go buy one f**k it.”The rapper has mocked “Empire” and its cast in the past, saying the show is a ripoff of his show and not as good as “Power.”50 Cent is not the first rapper to attack the BET for nominating the same people year after year. Back in May, rapper Azealia Banks criticized the BET Awards for always giving Nicki Minaj Best Female Rapper.”The female rap award at the bet awards goes to Nicki every year, it’s not even a real award anymore lol it’s a bit of a running joke,” wrote Banks on Twitter.”They should just nominate Nicki five times with five different wigs on and pick the best picture,” she continued.Do you think 50 Cent is right about his criticisms of the two award shows?

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