10 Years After Late Registration

kanye-west-time-100-2015-titansThe Year was late 2005 when Kanye drop his sophomore album Late Registration, which quickly rose to platinum then not the much later triple platinum. The album list had many number one hits like “Diamonds From Sierra Leone”, “Gold Digger”, “Touch The Sky”.  Some personal hit for me was “Diamonds remix”, “Roses”, “Heard’em Say”, and “My Way Home”. This album was the best Kanye album, in my opinion, it touched on so many subjects at the time from politics, racism, and the Africa diamond trade. It came at the right time when many thought hip hop was on it way out, Kanye West came and gave life to the culture. Till this day, I still hear and see the effect that album left in today’s hip hop artists like Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole That why today album “Spotlight” goes to Kanye West “Late Registration”

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